Can’t go out with friends!!!

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    I am 20 years old.
    religion: Hindu,I am religious.
    Non vegetarian.
    The problem is:
    I am from an middle class family,who doesn’t own a house.I think I can’t afford luxuries.My Parents are paying for my study.I think they behave strange i.e, they hate luxuries.It is so intense that they act like they can’t afford an Ice-cream a month.I am in the completion of studies now.All these years, while I am studying, I just couldn’t ask them any money because I can see the pain in their face when they are giving it to me.They definitely love me.

    Coming to my friends, they all behave like they are very rich.Always like to pay somewhere.They are like fox waiting at the graves with their hands in the purse.They just can’t call it enjoyment unless they pay.(It is 100% true about them).
    For example, They pay Rs.350 at a beach side hotel and Rs.50 to buy each packet of colors to celebrate Holi.They made it mandatory for everyone to participate.If they want enjoyment,they can do it on any street or anywhere else along the coast for FREE.its same beach,same colors.But they wouldn’t.So,I didn’t participated.I slept at home all day.

    Because I can’t make myself like them(can’t spend), I always think whether I am doing Right thing or Wrong.I am definitely saving money.
    But… That is my first regret.

    I am fond of one girl from childhood(school).I only adore her in the beginning.when I get into college,Friends were linking girls to boys(teasing).I lied to avoid any link with a girl that I already have someone in mind.That someone is that one girl(different college now) from the childhood.
    Then it started.. imaginations about her.I think I love her.But I couldn’t express.At some point I thought I should tell her.But my conscience says that she is too good for me.She’s not in my league.I am willing to do anything for her.
    This is Regret 2…
    Third regret is, I hate myself for living a selfish life.I wanted to help anyone.But no one asks me for help.When they do, its about lending money.I am not earning.And I can’t ask parents.Really is there no life without spending money?Or am I different?
    From all these regrets, I am just afraid of being Normal(if being normal is living like all others I see).I do all the things people are afraid of.
    I am willing to change myself without second thought if someone can prove atleast 10% that I am wrong.Please help.
    Thanking you,
    Yours truly.



    Hi vinay, first of all i will tell spending money is not life instead we earn money mostly for food and shelter only. If u have this things then u r richer than many. Ur frds spends more money its k they don’t know the value for that. When they will earn by tyen only they will know that. And ur another problem is girl. This is a usual in this age , many will think only love is life but don’t do that when u finish ur study and went for job then only u should do all this otherwise u can’t concentrate on one thing.



    Thank you Swarup Raj, I am glad I got an early reply.And best thing is, I have known that what I am doing is right.



    You are always welcome..

    You are always welcome..

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