Can't perform well at the University

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    I hail from India where the only choice I had after high school was to either go for medical or engineering fields (since I was considered an ‘intelligent child’). In fact not just choose one of them but also get admission into either IIT or AIIMS. So for the past 2 years I was studying to clear entrance exam for IIT. Owing to the fact that I had never wanted it in the first place, I could not clear it and even scored much less in board exams . This led to a series of torturous months after which I somehow convinced them (and myself) that I loved Physics and would like to pursue a BSc. However, I am finally a student of a prestigious university (in Australia) and contrary to my belief I pretty much suck at it. First I thought it was just the different educational system and I would soon get accustomed to it, but already having completed 2 months it is still not improving. I have made no friends so far, not even appropriate acquaintances; nor got myself a job and hardly talk to a single person throughout the day. I don’t even study a lot just enough to complete the assignments. I am scared I’ll screw it up just as I did before and again let down my parents and their expectations. I don’t know what to do or what I want from life. If I get stressed and try talking to mom, she gets all anxious and says that she has such terrible fate as after spending so much money and efforts on me, all she gets is my laziness and not a serious work attitude. Can someone help me somehow?

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