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    I lost my mother 3 years back due to breast cancer. Now its just me and my father. I feel terribly bad seeing my father alone at times , not speaking. After my mother’s death , he started his own business which keeps him occupied. But on weekends i find him sitting drawing room watching television , not saying anything. This kills me from inside and the only question which comes to my mind is why ? Why god did this to us. I know he misses her a lot. I feel so helpless at times , wish i could do something. He lost his mother at the age of 11 , and wife at age of 55.

    I am unmarried and would get married probably this year, and might shift to some other city. The constant worry which i have is for him. Who would take care of him after i leave. I feel so helpless and betrayed by god. Why did he do this to us.

    I hope you could share some thoughts on this as i am in such a situation where i cannot even discuss it with him.



    my only suggestion to you is get marry your father.. because a life partner is always needed. and specially at this age.. loneliness can make your father ill. so please marry him as early as possible, even before you get married.. this is the only sollution i think..

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