Career & Family….. what can be compromised and to what extent?

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    Dear Fellow Members,

    We all take some or the other decisions in our lives where we go away from our loved one for the sake of career.
    Sometimes it is for study, sometimes for job or may be a project and sometimes for Bread & Butter….
    I know couples who have lived apart because of their jobs…. or parents who lived alone….
    I would like to know your views about compromising on family and building career ….
    Both emotional and Practical views….

    do reply…



    would prefer to keep a balence between both and i strongly believe it is possible if we stay rational.



    Hi sister, it belongs to us that how we loved them so much that we can’t live without them for a day also. But as the time passes we also become far from all of them. So we should be bold in moving other places without our family. If we not be bold then also we should ,not show them our feelings , otherwise their reaction will make us more nervous. In now days it will be easier to be in touch with all of our loved ones. So don’t worry if u r feeling bad for going away frm ur family. Your love and their love will become more frm this. It will be difficult for a while that’s it. As time passes we should also go with that. All d best..



    Thanks a lot dear Swarup and Amit for your genuine views and concerns …
    Others do contribute

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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