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    Hi! I am 21, female. Have completed my graduation in B.Tech (EC). Have been placed in TCS (joining date is yet to come). I want to use this time in between well to decide what I should be doing. I am really confused at this point. I have a couple of thongs going on in my mind: 1. wait for TCS joining and join therefater. I am not really interested in this as it is an IT profile and am not really up for it.
    an option could be of searching various other companies.
    2. Event Management startup- this is something im looking forward to but i am not getting something good to start with and therefore, i don’t have a way out. I am enthusiastic about it as my long term goal is to start my own business (so, one thing is y dont i start it from now) and also i have a little experience in it, i handled my college’s annual fest. Also, my parents are not really up for it at this stage. they are asking me to complete my studies or do a job.
    3. Prepare for MBA/GMAT
    I am really confused as to what to do and where should i focus all my energy..

    I think i need some guidance here!!!



    Hi mahak When u have interested in business then u should Do MBA as it helps u in future. I think u should get some more expeiance to start business now. So it is good for u to complete MBA then u will get more knowledge about it.


    Always for help

    Hello Mahak. Greetings.
    First of all congratulations for getting placed in TCS.
    Answer to your first problem as per my understanding: TCS is a well reputed company in india. In fact it is the top level company and to start your career just after a graduation from such a big label is a great start. So dont be confused about it. IT is a very versatile and diversified field, and it really doesnt matter from which stream you belong to be it CS, EC, ME or any other, you can always adapt. Considering your stream there are also some electronics companies in india which you can go for. Getting an experience for start will be great for your future endeavors. Being in IT or any other industry also gives you knowledge about it as to how the business run and how the inner management work and performs. So starting with such a big label on your head not only gives you some inner confidence of stability but it also gives you an environment to understand the business processes.

    Secondly Startups are not really easy to handle. There are a lot of challenges that you have to face when you are going for your own business. Many a time it happens that it even get shut down before we completely start it. There are a lot of reasons behind it. Maybe because of the lack of experience or lack of commitment or a well managed team to make it up and running. It is always a good thing to do something for yourself but doing it without any experience may even lead to certain disappointments. The most important thing for a startup is creativity. There is huge market today for everything you want to do and the bigger the market is the bigger are the competitions. There is also a large amount of capital involved. If you are up for it, I think you should go for it and if not it is always better to take a little experience. And being in a job will give you both the work experience and capital for your own work. But never loose the commitment for what you want to do. Most importantly college fests are not counted as a great experience when you are going in the real world against the giants of that field.

    Thirdly: Further studies are always a good choice but again only if you can handle the stress. Because Management studies are very different from the technical studies. The environment changes and the there is a big load of studies to come.

    You should always focus your energy where you determination is. Going in a job will give you both the experience about business process and outer world and capital for your future aspirations. Management studies will also give you the experience but not of the real world.

    You can also pursue MBA while you are in job. Lots of people do it and they get higher in their career as well.

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