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    hai maam,

    am a 16 year old girl… am writting this as am feeling a huge confusions in making choices.. from the age of 14 onwards i started to be havving dfficulty in making choices.. its not in food dress matters but matters like career choices, friend issues etc.. i dont knw wat to do nw.. its my 10th grdae and i have to make a gud decision in my career study.. am both intrested in literature at iit as am very good in literature and its foolows… but meanwhile i like to do medicine… and become a psychiatrist it is my ambition from childhood itself.. its because i had been alwys positive and undrstanding frm my childhood itself and i am very good at understanding and helping others to sort out their problems.. i know its all typical because of my teenage stage.. but i want to make a decision which i would not regret in my future… maam i do hv some more problms to share with but i have to go right now… pls give me a feedback
    email id _ [email protected]

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