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    I am a female, 22 years old, and in a relationship with my boyfriend for the last 3 years now. We have a really strong relationship in-spite of the usual fights. I love him really very much. But the last year wasn’t quite good just because of the mistake I committed. He got very busy with his work and I started to feel lonely. But there was a day when this guy came along. He befriended me and after a while he asked me out. After a lot of refusals I said yes, which was my biggest mistake. We went to the extent of kissing and getting physical but did not have sex. I felt bad literally and I confessed it to my boyfriend. He broke up with me but I kept pleading him for a chance and kept apologizing him. We got back together and its going ok until yesterday when I committed the same mistake again. I had one of my guy(best) friends over for a couple of drinks. I got high and we started kissing and he started feeling me(no sex). I feel really stressed when I think of it and don’t know if I should confess it to my boyfriend as I know I’ll lose him and I’m really ashamed of what happened. I cheated him twice. I wanna kill myself. What to do I do? Please help me.



    Did ne1 answer ths?

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