Confused about mental health

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    I am 24 yrs old.I have a 1 yr old boy. I had gestational diabetes. Now it continues as diabetes type 2 in me. My kid does not sleep in the night much no matter what ever I do to make him sleep. I am not taking any medication for my diabetes and trying to maintain my glucose levels through diet because my dad does not want me to live on tablets from this age. That is a kind of a stress for me. My husband and my father in law are of no help and they don’t understand the seriousness of me being a diabetic. I spend most of my time in taking care of my son on my own and cannot do any household work. Already my FIL has spoken ill of me for not doing my household work when I was pregnant. I did not do at that time because they did not want me to do. Now due to this fear I get so angry with my son and sometimes I seriously scold him or slap him. I think I have postpartum depression. I read about it in Wikipedia and found some of the symptoms and causes perfectly matching. Am I right or wrong?



    u should consult diatetian and phychiatrist .

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