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    Hi, m 24 yrs old n confused and frustrated regarding my relationship with my boyfriend. Well we started off 1 n half yrs bck when we were in the same campus. He is younger than me, he is Telegu and I am Bengali. He told abt our relationship to his parents…n they strongly objected. But we did continue our relationship…bt as tym passed I started to observe that he is losing interest in the relation. But when I ask him…he ds nt say anything clearly….n always say that we cnt be together..but he loves me a lot. He does not leave me….but does not stay like a proper couple too. Sometimes he wants break-up….n then again wants patch-up. All this fluctuations in his behaviour makes me frustrated. But I love him and want to be with him….but again I am very short-tempered. and all his confusion made me even-more short tempered. He says that he loves me..but he cannot bear me due to my anger[/font]!!!!!!!!……I too want him to be free and happy…..but again I miss him so much……all the time my mind is occupied with his thoughts….and I miss him terribly….I , myself want to be peaceful….n happy and wish the same fr him. But m finding it really tough….smtyms I get too angry…and send him angry txts….agn d nxt moment I feel guilty n say sorry. Plz help.



    Hi Dhriti, as you have love with him its gud. Is he loves u in the same way? If he does then he will be ready to marry u in any situation. Don’t be so depended on him. Your family is also thier who know what is gud for you. So please make sure is he ready to marry u or not. Don’t spoil your future , still you has to live more life…

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