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    Hello sir/madam: i’m 23yr female.i’m in love for past 4yrs.first he proposed me,then after 5month he want to left me.I suffered a lot,my weight lost by 10kg,i discontinued my studies bcoz of non concentrated..i suffered lot lot,then i talked to him, he realized that i have not live without him,so he said ok i will marry you.
    After tat he dont behave like a lover.6month he talks to me nice another 6month he s not talk to me properly.tis s our problem,he s working in chennai.
    i asked him y r u not talk to me,he said i have no intention to hurt u but i dnt have feel to talk to u.
    but he talk to his family about me, our parents are permit us to get married. within 6month we will get married.
    finally i asked him tat r u love me or not?he said I LIKE U,I WANT TO MARRY U,I DECIDED TO LOVE U AFTER MARRIAGE.
    we dnt talk daily.he didnt cal me daily.
    now my problem is he loves me after marriage? Is im getting married him? Or leave him?[/size][/font]



    Hi sharini it is not compulsory for your boyfriend to talk with u daily like others. May he have work load, or some other problem which may not wanted to say u, it is also important that u should know full about him and try to do that… Don’t feel that only people who talk 5 -6 hours daily have more love with each other. Is he told u that he wants more time for marriage ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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