confused in marriage

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    Hello,I am really confused about marriage.
    Its been 10yrs we got married I hv 2daughters ,my husband beats me like hell when he slaps I can see flash lights .he throws whatever is thr near by.he blames me for all this according to him this happens becoz of me, I dnt take responsibility laziness and my upbringing.thrice i have gone out of this relationship again came becoz he asks sorry and thinking of society .now I’m feeling I Will never be able to satisfy this man.when he gets angry nothing Will be in control he tells he Will chop me kill me he brings all kinds of knife .he hits with belt stick .my elder daughter hates him.he just discuss at the future the whole day..discussion means oneway talking about future. What correction I hv to make.I’m not able to gv time my children .a person cannot listen negative of himself the whole day.and after he beats also I should spk properly smile….cook
    I really want come out of this relationship.

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