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    I am first time sharing my life experience online and i don’t knw how to tell..but i want your help..I met a girl 1 year ago..we used to talk enough on phone and social sites..(we lost our contact for 2 months in between due to some misunderstanding) but1 week ago we were suddenly much closer to one another than before…we kissed and have fun together and i dnt knw how…but i developed feelings for her and i proposed her…but she rejected..she said that she don’t want any relationship and was happy to have occasional fun…but i have feelings for her…and she is not interested at all in being into a relationship..she only wants casual fun..what to,do now?


    Namrata Singh

    leave her and move on in life before its too late,since you are serious if you continue with casual fun you might end up all shattered,my reply is very late and i dont know your current situation,i hope you are doing well in life.


    Vinita Tiwari

    Hi Karan,

    Hope this post finds you in good spirit. Only thing works in long lasting relationship is honesty. you are in to relationship with the one who is dishonest to you from very beginning will guaranteed ditch you in future so that you are less hurt. If you will be late in severing ties with her you will be hurt more painfully. So devote 100% time and concentration to your work or study or whatever you do. Meet or chat your good friends. they are capable to fill the void made by the girl. All the best

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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