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    Jeeva Rekha


    I’m married and have a son of 2.6 years old. We recently relocated to Bangalore.

    I’m have been working in the communication industry for around seven years now. i’m facing problem with my writing skills, am not good with grammar. Managed so long with issues. Now i feel, this is not my cup of tea and wanted to move on from communication and start something on my own for lot other reasons too.

    Am not a good at English during my school as well. But some how i chose this field.

    When i joined work, it was very interesting from execution level. I was good at doing that. I was appreciated for my work many times at an execution level. But my promotion was cancelled due to my writing skills. which is about 70% in my profession. I’m not able grow in my career. I some how survived. But now, i don’t see it happening. I feel low and my confidence level is going down.
    I feel this not meant for me. I failed in couple of interview as well. Don’t know the reason to it. I feel it should be cause of my language and market experience.

    Having said this, i managed to win a project for my previous company, where i was doing business development.

    My contribution money wise is also very important to run my family.

    Am confused with what my strengths are. Even if i have to start something on my own i need identify my strengths and play around it.

    Feel this would be the time i can take risk cause my son has not joined proper school.

    Hope you understand

    Please help me Thanks


    Jeeva Rekha

    Hi Prachi

    Awaiting for your feedback


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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