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    hi..i am 25 yesrs old girl i am in love with a guy who not belongs my city. i know him since 2 years by online. he purposed me beleaved me thats he loves me more then his life .whenever i said to stop calling me or msg me or leave me alone he behave madly that he loves me a lot else he will die he drink alcohal in access amount beat himself badly and cry. now bcs its a long time since i know him thats why i also emotionally touched with him. i share each and evetything with him whatever it us.and now feel like he is not as serious as before .now he beat himself and cry and shout on me only when has to show of any mistake of mine or wants to hurt me. i just met him 4,5 times. now i want to close this relationship and i thik he also wants the same.but same problem with us that we are unable to this.he also donr want to leave me and just becouse he is the only friend if mine i also dont want to loose him. i going mad day by day.he made me cry daily ., but even he says that he loves me and want to marry me even ready to do everything..plz plz help me to know what he wants avtually and what should i do . plz help me.

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