confusion in taking decision

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    Hi sir/mam,

    I am in love with a person for past 4 years who is not my caste and religion(christian).
    My life goes with healthier relationship without any confusions till last year.
    When i told about my parents about my love to take it to the next level called marriage my parents initially hesitated but when they know that am very stubborn in marrying him they said ok and we met his parents in his home. The problem arises with his mom she started dominating my parents since she is in guys side and started poking my parents with her religious
    customs of conversion , actually i was convincing my parents telling we will go for register marriage hence there wont be any hard feelings between both the families but his mom and dad was very stubborn in their customs and marriage should be done in church with customs of baptism.since am only child of my parents they could not able to say ok for their customs ,my parents got terrified by my relatives and my parents friends words.
    One year has passed still the guys parents are saying the same thing and my parents are saying no for marrying him .He is also fighting with his parents daily but no use.
    Now i got a fear like i will be cornered with no other option of marrying him in church(am not too interested in marrying in church since i have brought up in an hindu orthodox family) as my age goes up further already am now 25.My parents are feeling much day by day by seeing me without getting married.I could not able to come out of his relationship too since he loves me truly and cares me like a baby.

    I do not now which side i should go whether i should go to make my parents happy or marry my love or waiting for his stupid parents to change their thoughts. Please guide me.

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