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    I am in a relationship for over three years now, it started going out of hand from past three four months due to immaturity and too much emotional involvement, I decided to take a break and let’s just be friends for sometime till our heads get clear, we started feeling normal and mess ups stopped but while I felt like the relationship was now fine to get started, my boyfriend stopped feeling any love due to his own involvement in his work and his mood change.

    It was very devastating because for me it was rejuvenated and it came as a shocker to know that he has stopped feeling it, we talked about it and I asked him if he wants to give it another try, many times he said yes and then he said he was not sure (All this happened within a month).

    I don’t want anything else if this does not work out, we’re both mentally very compatible, our thoughts, ideologies, way of thinking,lifestyle.. everything matches and it’s a rarity because our ideologies and thoughts are not found very commonly, for example, not wanting to get married or have kids. (There are a lot more than that, we’re both atheists,vegans,feminists)

    Due to our insane compatibility he wants to stay friends always,not in touch but close friends as he is not sure about being able to feel love in this again though he is still attracted to me,both psychologically and physically. (It has only been one and half a month since he told me he’s not feeling the same love)

    Now being friends with someone I want to be with is very hard for me and letting me go away forever from his life is just too hard for him to live with, What should I do?

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