Constantly feel negative about myself…

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    I am 26 years old and have this weird feeling from years now, fluctuating in intensity. Sometimes, it diminishes to almost zero but quite often it is prominent enough to shake me.

    While talking to others (strangers or known) I constantly feel, as if someone is whispering into my ear (that’s my mind, i guess) that I am giving a very bad impression to the person I am talking to, or he/she is either not enjoying my company or thinking how dumb/stupid I am. I feel as if he/she wants to get rid of me and internally laughing at me. I also get a feeling of people talking behind my back and bitching too.

    I become extremely cautious and pretty sure that everyone in the world cannot think this way at the same time for me. there is definitely something wrong.

    When i am in this phase, i often feel as if my friends or family members are blaming me for xyz thing during normal conversation resulting in a quarrel from my end without any reason.

    What’s this? Is this low confidence or what? What should i do?

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