Coping with being myself

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    I came in here looking for some good advice at first, but nobody seemed to be giving a damn to my petty plea for a good word, so I just decided that I’ll help myself at the end. Though all my issues are not solved yet, that is I’m still friendless and lonely and feels like I’m falling into this pit of depression, I’ve decided to be just me and get on with life one step at a time. I’ve great supportive parents who take the trouble to call me every day and enquire how I’m faring in a foreign land and though their worried tone worries me, I know it’s for my good.
    To be a scientist has always been a dream of mine, and I’ve dabbled in scientific pursuits since a very young age. I used to be ostracized for being a bookish person, and been called names. I don’t remember even a single year at the various schools where I studied that passed without me being branded as nerd, geek, mad scientist, the insufferable know-it-all….etc. It was painful not being included or accepted as a friend just because I didn’t know the names of the hottest actress in Bollywood and was ignorant about fashion! Being branded as a dork has had an impact on lowering my precious self esteem. But this is what the society’s doing to people like me. Just because we read, think differently, and don’t conform with the society’s set standards of normal, we end up being labelled and isolated!
    another painful aspect of growing up that I experienced extensively in India, but fortunately Sweden is a country that does not care a dime for it, was religion. I’m a non religious person, yet just because my name sounds like names commonly used in a particular religious community, I’ve been discriminated against, demotivated and certain professors at my college and teachers at school even hinted that I would be better off if I stayed at home, got married and had lots of kids! Despite the fact that I was above average in my studies….
    I know this is just a ramble that I’ve written. No one bothered to even give a tiny comment for my previous post, I got pretty frustrated. I’m not expecting any replies here, I just wanted to put my thoughts in writing..
    And by the way, Indian education system sucks to the core!

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