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    I am a student i am 21 ,few months before i came to contact with a girl on facebook she was very nice we talked for one or two day then she gave her number ,we started messaging each other she gave hint that she wanted to be my girl friend i am a good student and she liked my educational carrier,after few months passed there started many quarrels any thing i said no to she had a problem and she did not say any thing clearly but kept it to her self ,one day we had a big quarrel and she we stopped to talk after 3 days i decided to end the relation then she said that she was just about to die if had not called her i called her parents and that was then for the time being taken cared of actually she was angry that i called her parents and wanted to be just friends with me from there on..i tried to get her back. but still it she was strict,eventually we started to talk again then again she was willing to be with me but there were many problems she cant give time to me even half an hour and more over she always talked about how many guys proposed her so i just wanted to stay away and wanted her to just not say those things but after not talking for many days i again had the feeling that she might do some harm to her so i again messaged her from then she again has started to say that i am her friend but i cant even leave the relation as i am afraid that she might commit suicide and i am the one who might get blamed for her i really dont knoww what to do i always have to talk to her when i can understand that she is avoiding me on purpose so that i feel the ignorance but i cant leave her cause she might do some thing to her i dont know what to do she is a good girl but very rigid .i cant concentrate on my studys please help i have many resposibilties to my family if i this goes on i will definitely loose my carrier plz help me.I dont want her to get hurt as i love her but she is not that understanding .

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