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    I’m a 23 year old girl doing my masters and also.looking for jobs. My father is a 60 year old retired person. He taunts me for evrything and anything. He forcefully gives gifts but there are taunts free with everything. As he’s my father I can’t do anything and just listen. But after 2 years I’m losing my patience and getting mentally disturb and has started to shout back. I simply just can’t uderstand his problem. Even for the wrongs done by my younger sister the taunts and blames somrhow gets connected to me. How much I try to avoid but I just get connected to every problem. Since I’m jobless I have stopped visitng friends, going out for movies etc. because for all these money is required & if I have to ask moneu for all these the taunts & insults are showered in me for a month. I even stopped going out of my room. I only go out for my classes or to the dinning hall to have food. Other than that I stay at my room with the laptop. He also doesn’t allow me to do pvt. jobs & make me appear all sorts of govt. jobs. Now, all these have crossed my patience level & I’m going mad. Sometimes feel like killing myself & get free of all these. Simply want to walk out of his house but I’m not able to do so. And also the slangs used on me have become unbearable for me.

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