Crush turning my best friends to her side

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    I had a huge crush for a girl and we both had been close friend for a while. Before meeting she had a very bad reputation among her classmates and no one would used to like her. Not a single soul. But after getting with me she got closer with my friends and I was happy that my friends and her classmates accepted her but still my two best friends hated her. But I convinced them to like her and so did they. But after I proposed her things got ugly and we are no talking phase so much so that I cant bear her presence. She was ok with it as she got some other puppet but during time with her I lost many friends and when I realised it was very late. Now everyone seemed to like her. Even my best friends also. After we stopped talking with each other she started getting close with my two best friends. And when I told her to stay away from them as they were mine first. She started playing aggressively and now she always talk with those guys(The guys with which she used to speak regularly but with less frequency than present). Also she has started spreading bad words about me in the college and once I was very innocent guy now people are raising questions about my character and that hurts most. Because I always cared for her and loved her from bottom of the heart and when ever any one asked me about our break up. I used to say ki we mutually decided to stop talking and nothing more than that. But now the scene has changed and she have public in her favour and I am helpless. I can also speak about her but I cant do that because I loved her and I would feel guilty if I did. I dont know what to do now. Feels lonely in college. Thinking about leaving the college.:(



    dear akshay,
    you know one thing, in this world there are so many people who beleive in “use and through”. we should be helping to others but not let others use us. About that girl my suggestion to you is just take out her from your mind and from your life. just think that she don’t deserve a good person like you. even don’t think about your old friends.. just make new friends. as you told that you had made her popular, same way you can make yourself popular again. ignore her, whatever she do. and be normal and cheerful always. specially in front of her, don’t show your discomfort… you know what if you are good, you will definitely find someone good.. trust in god.. otherwise don’t go in such things. i am a girl, and i can tell you one thing girls always uses guys.. and if a girl is good, she wont be involved in such things.. do your study well… and make your carreer first.. girls will come to you definitely… don’t think of leaving the college… this will prove you a looser… face the things bravely.. hope you got my point.. gud luck…

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