Deep rooted issues with my parents

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    For the past 6 years I have been treated unequally by my parents which was pointed out to me by a friend my parents have treated my sister differently because she is much more promising and has always been excelling in studies n they have always expected excellence which I thought was normal but I realise it has made me now insecure n compulsive n extremely depressive and I tried to fix this but they fail to see it n continue to belittle me n even my sister does n they wouldn’t mind my mom once admitted she wonders y I was even born n I thought it jus frustration but either way I can’t change them I want confidence I want to fix the damage they have done they even raised me to be a cheap person and because of this I even have problems with my best friend who accused me of being cheap it’s just that now that I’m just in college Im still at my dads mercy and I have always been scared to ask him for money even if I needed it which made me very frugal and also Im scared to expect anything of anyone and trust anyone and not take them seriously and even disregard gifts and feel guilty for them which is the biggest problem I face with someone i love and I also suffer really low self esteem but I’ve managed to hide it but my best friend can see it and he demands change and also I can’t take him seriously because I always thought that my parents were right and that I was an unwanted child I thought that I would prove it to them by getting a ms abroad but now I’m scared if I will be forever in their debt I hoped running away or hiding from it would solve my issues but time hasnt

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