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    Myself Debashish Dey from Raipur Chhattisgarh. I have done Love marriage against my family in year 2010 and started living away from my parents & other family members and after my marriage almost no connection with my family & other relatives. After that in year 2012, my dad expired and i god the news from my cousin and i had gone to my house alone(without my wife) and performed all the ritual and lived their for almost 15 days but just like a strange. Before my dad’s death, my wife had given birth to a male baby but he doesn’t survived and lost him in seven months. After that my wife has undergone miscarriage two times and now the condition is that her felopian tube is blocked due to fault of doctors during delivery(operation) and now test tube baby is the only option left for me and for that i require a huge amount which is not possible for me as my income is 10000/- pm. So i tried to take loan from private institutions as per advt published in classified section of local newspaper. I had applied for loan from one of the company and deposited the file charges and other legal charges but not got my loan amount and has lost all my savings almost 45k. After that i thought of changing job and tried searching job in internet with high salary and in that case also i was unsuccessful and a loser and wasted my money.
    Now i feel that i am a loser and unsucess in my every aspect of life and due to that my inner soul force me to think about suicide and end my life atleat people will not say me loser. Due to my un-success in every work, my neighbours and colleuges has given a tag line to me “BECHARA-KISMAT KA MARA” Sometime i feel to go and lay down in railway track or jump from 5th floor or go for head to head collition with heavy vehicles in way to my office.
    Please help me what should i do.. what ever i do in my life i got unsuccess and lost everything.



    Hey bro..don’t loose heart…things happen in our life for a reason…and always believe that the change is for our good…we fall several times…but we need to get up and fight our inner fears..Never give up…Let me tell u about myself

    I am 35 yrs old male…was working with a MNC for 8 yrs and one fine day I was asked to quit. I have dependent parents, bro and bhabhi, who barely manage to save for themselves….I stay in a one room flat and all these years have been planning to save to buy a bigger house, so that I can find a girl and get married…I lost my job…I lost my dream…suddenly it was all over. Nobody would hire me as I had not learnt new skills. I just knew my line of activity.

    I cried a lot…and I still break up…nobody is there to help…I took up wotever job came my way…So bro don’t give up, we don’t get everything in life, but wotever we get just try to build life around it. Accept the situation and people….ur life would improve…

    I am currently depressed and live in constant fear. I am looking for support group in Mumbai. If anybody is aware, please help me…

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