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    am aged 26 and a mother of 9 months old child .i have been worried very much nowa days and i keep crying at night…i am unable to sleep till 12/1 at night as my mind keeps reverting to past disagreable events.v r married for 20 months and v both have lot of issues with each other now adays.he keeps telling me that either i should come out of this or i have to forget him.i want to live a happy and successful marriage life and thts y am writing this.he tells me that i think too much un necessarily.he doesn have any habits and he is good to me but at times when i ask him to change small things like watchin tv at meal time..he gets upset..he keeps teasin me in front of my in laws and i don like it..wen i tell him he thinks am complainin abt him all time and he does have freedom to even tease me..or finally yes i will do like this only u have to keep patience..that makes me think he is egoistic…he doesn seem to consult me as a partner or wen he does my suggestion are bein overlooked i feel.he tells u have gud parent,gud inlaws.better husband but u cant be happy anytime..i get upset always keep thinking unnecessarily and i talk to him abt this at midnite spoilin his sleep..i feel something is really wrong with me and i better something now atleast

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