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    Dear Prachi,

    Please help me. i am having a relationship with a married man. it started as he told me that his wife’s family has betrayed him and has hidden many facts to him and has made him invest lakhs of rupees in some business where he doesn’t even get any return. He loves me madly and even i love him a lot. But he is still with his wife. Although he is taking steps in initiating his divorce such as he constantly fight with his wife and also started telling his family that he doesn’t love her. At times i see him fighting with her and telling me that he is initiating and at times i find him being good to her again. i told him that we should break up as i don’t want to be in the wrong position but he never allows me to leave him and always ask me to stay with him. i love him a lot and also cant leave him. i am really confused and sad and depressed as i don’t understand why he doesnot take steps in marrying me. Should i wait for him ? should i move on ? if i think of moving on im really broken. please suggest.


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    du think love is breaking sombdy’s home and staying happy.
    the guilt never let us stay happy when we do such thng…he may b wrong or u shud do right..there wud b many guys out there for u…broken u said was jst for now u may feel…bt think hw relax u wd feel when u hav this high feel that u were not th e cause of somebdy home to be broke……and also all relations become same after an year time…..du want he wud do same with u wen he marries u,,,leaving her wife without making any understanding wd her …going to another woman is easy thing..wat say?



    move forward….tighten up ur emotional belts…cry a lot…do watever pain it takes…but move forward….or else after a certain time this man will go to his nest…it’s u who will be left to go nowhere….take an off frm any relationships…give rest to ur heart…get up…taste the other happiness of life…n then when ready…go forward for a healthy relation…if it arrives in ur path…dnt be desperate to search…! all the best…may god give u stronger shoulders…!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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