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    honestly i dont know whats wrong with me. i have amazing parents and they have given me everything in life. i have good friends. i got the job i wanted and im just that ungrateful bitch. i cant focus on my work. im lazy and have gained so much weight. i need to just stop all this crap and work towards a future. all i do is sit around and watch movies all day. i cant commit myself to anything productive.

    i wasnt always like this. i was amazing at everything. i was an all rounder at school. the head girl. i worked so hard. i cared. now im shit scared of god knows what. i dont want to work at all. i have the job of my dreams and im throwing my life away. im a sick ungrateful piece of crap.

    this has to change. i dont live a life at all. no work, no experiences, just wasted existence. i need an out

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