Depressed, unmotivated, lost, constant feeling of being a failure.

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    I have had weight issues all my life. As a teenager I was constantly teased about my weight. I started doing aerobics to lose weight when I was 14 but I always hated it. I never really lost much weight. On the contrary, when I stopped it, I just ballooned up more. Consequently, I became a joke for people around me, especially boys. I began hating myself. But still I never really managed to push myself to lose weight. Then in final year I gave GRE and didn’t score well enough. My dream of going to study in US crashed there and I began losing confidence in my academic abilities as well. Before that I was among the top 3 in my year. In final year I scored better than what I had earlier but I was still unhappy. I was furious with myself because I didn’t make it even in the top 5. I guess I was being arrogant, thinking that I was meant to be in the top 3 no matter what. Now I am waiting for joining a company where I was placed but I feel like a complete failure. I am afraid that people at the new job will shun me because I am fat. I feel like I have to work twice as hard as anyone to make up for being fat, to prove that I am good. But I am not even good at that anymore so I might lose my job. Not only am I fat and ugly but I am also a failure at my profession. I can never finish any task I take up. I have done absolutely nothing for the last few months except sit at home. I don’t feel like doing anything. I hate everything and everyone but most of all myself.I keep trying to work out or study but I just let go and stop in a few hours or days. I am completely lost. I am disappointing everyone.
    I want to know what is wrong with me. I have always been extremely sensitive emotionally(People’s comments hurt me very quickly and I cry), I don’t know why I just stop working out to lose weight, why I can never finish a task that I start. What can I do to change ?

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    Hi your problem is increasing more because of yourself only. Why you are demotivating yourself by comparing With others. Its not a big problem that u are fat but u has to make urself ready to face the challenges. So don’t think negative before doing the job. Nobody will help u to build ur future , u has to go forward and make it. First of all be strong in ur decisions, if u want to loose ur wait then do it by working little hard. Whatever happens in ur life take it as positive because nobody has perfect life, we have yo make it ourselves perfect first. So from now if u wanted to do anything do completely until it finish. All d best… U can clarify here if u still have anything in ur mind

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