Depressed,stressed and always insecure.

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    My name is veenay and i am 21 years old.
    The problem i face may seem a bit common but i just cant handle it anymore.
    I have become way to sensitive to even small reason..
    For months together i think over it and when it flashes back on, i feel a deep feeling coming from my gut.
    I am always insecure. Perhaps my nick name is “tension party” among my friends.
    This feel keeps me disappointed and depressed for long and finally sometimes i have a emotional break down and i behave weird in front of others.Now i feel unwanted by everyone.

    Pls help.. any help will be appreciated.. thank you..


    Hey veenay,

    I just need to ask few questions from you. From how many days, months you ate feeling such a way?
    Secondly, is any particular situations you feel insecure, amd what are your associated feelings with it?
    Thirdly, you said you get tensed often, what are the changes you feel when you get anxious.

    May ask you something, can you please mail me a schedule chart which includes date, situation, feeling/emotions, associated thought, what you did to stop that thought. Do make a chart from the time you read this up till the time you mail me. My email id is .

    Probably when you mail me your schedule then we could work on it better. As your problem cannot be solved overnight.

    Hope to see your positive reply soon.

    Good luck!!

    Sonali Sardana
    Clinical Psychologist


    hey iam totally depressed.i got married nov husband neglects me always when he with his family.iam very insecure about that.and iam very depressed that i didnt get any job till now.i completed my pg.iam very fearful person.please help me. i need someone who share my feelings..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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