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    while i read, every1 s posts.. i m unsure whats my current state of mind…i m 26 and a professional girl whose doing her post graduation.. but i m very depressed… i m not sure of its cause… there are several factors… i had break up with my boyfriend last year with whom i had a relationship for past 4 years and still love today and was on verge of taking it forward to marriage level..simultaneously my sister underwent a divorce as her husband was physically assaulting her.. in past 1 year i tried everything… as i m staying alone i have tried to concentrate on my work , distracted myself by travelling, actively working, dolling myself up, spent and strengthened my relation with family… everything.. still i find myself in the same place… depressed, crying all d time, feeling sad, empty, hopeless, and unable to sleep…
    as i shared things wid my parents they tried coaxing me to get married and hence looking for guys… though i know eventually this is gonna happen i try preparing myself for it and tell them go ahead… but as soon as things start moving i step back and say i dont want to get married, i m scared of committing , trusting… knowing my problem my mum suggested me to seek counselling..
    i try being happy , and i want to become happy.. i want to move ahead and do something.. but nothing excites me anymore.. i keep wondering my purpose to lead my life.. i just feel like a burden on this earth.. i dont feel like working anymore, my concentration level has reached zero, and my best companion are tears..
    i m tired of being depressed and i feel i cant take it ………….plzzz help…



    Hi sister you are just scared from your sister’s Divorce. It just caused u to get more depressed in your life. And you broke up your relationship is also made you to get mental pressure on your life. Just see others many are there strugging in this same situation but don’t loose faith in everything. There just be a bad time in your life. For your goodness definitely you will have a bright future in your life. And don’t think all the boys are same. Just take any decision after thinking thrice. We will be happy to clarify your any questions…



    There are lot of probs in life which can’t be cured but still we hope .If you comapre your problem is not that big .

    As i see , Its just thin line between you and your happiness. Jus go ahead in life ,Try to spend some time with your close mates like school mates , family friends . And be open to life , may be something better is there for you which you cant imagine .

    Don’t get affected by bad incidents around you , this are part of life , but not life .

    You are at very decisive phase of you life ,So think for your career , relationships positive way . What you want is the only thing matters .

    Keep smiling :)

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