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    I’m a 21 year old, depressed one who has lost interest about all beautiful things on Earth. I am a girl who loves friends, family and people around; a girl who loves reading books (not the course material or text books), hanging out, music, travelling, singing, composing poems and writing gives me pleasure. But due to the financial crisis at my home I hardly can do any of these. My mother is very innocent and keeps herself busy with household chores, she never knows me and can never understand me; my father is a stern critic who often comments on every little work and action of mine and who never understands the plight of my life, my needs, my wants and my love for them. Nobody savanted me with the do’s and don’s in life. Though I’m ethical, intelligent, knowledgeable, creative I’ve always been misunderstood of being dumb as I don’t talk much. I’m a lethargic-lazy-absent minded person and an extreme introvert who struggles to express.

    I really need to rise up now before it’s too late. I want to live and lighten up my world but I have no support to keep my spirits high. I want to be bold, confident and a girl of high self respect. But how?

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