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    I have been very depressed ever since i found out that my husband, who i had trusted implicitly had cheated on me with a relationship with a girl, his colleague, who is some 25 years younger than him. He is 54, i am 50 years old and our marriage is 25 years old. We have two children, one daughter 25, and a son 15 years old. I tried to bring him back to the family and went from pillar-to-post to seek help, but all in vain. He has now become very neglectful of his family and me. He stays out of the house all the time and comes back only to eat and sleep. There is no communication between us now. Since i have resigned myself to the fact that he is beyond redemption and the fact that staying away from him on my own, will only cause problems for his children and me, i have now decided to take recourse to counselling to make myself stronger for myself and my children’s sake. That is now my goal and i would like to be counselled on how i can live my life with strength and dignity.

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