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    hi I am swetha ,

    I would like to share my thoughts feeling and I require suggestions and solutions . please help me

    I don’t have friends from my school life as my family was of joint family and from an orthodox family . I don’t have friends till my 10th standard .

    Afterwards when I joined to my 11th I got two good friends whom I was so close with for two years we were together always I felt my life was happy and this is my life everything. I was the topper of the class always we used to enjoy life. but after two years I went to other college due to my financial problems. but after that my life became hell after joining to that new college friends are there only for namesake my college life has become ruined now I am unable to concentrate on my studies nowadays now I am just a just pass student . now no one likes me and they are very modern but I am traditional girl I love making friends but I don’t have any friends now my two best friends also are not speaking with me now . I don’t know what to do now my life is full of sadness boreness hell everything I don’t know y it happens only to me

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