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    Hi docter

    I am a software engineer ,24 year old and single.I am experiencing different kind of feelings like hopelessness ,feeling alone in the middle of group people
    feeling nervous when i am tensed about situations and making decisions very speed even they are not helpfull to me (eg:resigning to job when my boss said u r waste) .My problem is ,i am finding my self very tough to spend days ,i resigned to my job and sat in home.I am not sure ,whether i have taken right decision after boss saying you are waste.I just mentioned what all happened with me below .

    Before 6 months i am a tough guy ,i am managing myself and office work very efficiently.Even though ,i get less pay .I used to give 70% of money to my mom.Some how ,mom got financial problems and directly or indirectly everyone asked me to get good you can be helpful.In that scenario i started going for interviews and finally got selected in one company .But,i said to hr about my current pay by adding onek extra and applied for relieving in current company.But ,i worried so much about saying onek extra ,cause they can find me in background verification.Nearly one month ,i gt scared for what to say if they find me and i know every other thing is fine like my experience ,work talent are very good.This is first stage ,where i have underwent pressure.

    I am started working in new company ,with carrying that kind of guilt where they will question me.But 1 and half month completed ,they didn’t went for any kind of background verification .After few days ,i got into a team where team leader is a kind of sadistic type who doesn’t like me and even though ,if he accepts my work personally,if any thing goes wrong some where in the project .He used to blame me in front of project manager.Like this for one month,daily nearly 16 hours of work and long hours of travelling .i just got mad about the, way things happening
    .I just felt bad about for the lie and choosing bit different work and in that particular moment ,i got scared like anything ,dont know ,how to express: future and stressed out.With the help of family members,i resigned to my job.

    Then i joined ,in my friend company after working for 3 months over there ,company ceo(my friend )said u r wasting my time .I dont know what happened to my friend ,he only appreciated for my work .but suddenly he said u r not doing up to my expectations .so i resigned to this job,doesn’t want to make complicate friend ship with him.

    Right Now,I am looking good .but still hopelessness,some kind of dullness are playing with in my head.Please ,help me or suggest what i need to do further.Thanks allot for answering my question and i appreciate this community for saving the mankind



    Well Srinivas, you are certainly sounding depressed. Looks like what you need is some help in guiding you make sturdy decisions in your life as well as improving your confidence. Where are you from? Maybe you can see a psychiatrist/psychologist in your city? We help people like you by conducting online therapy sessions for a reasonable fee. Let us know if you would like our assistance.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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