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    Hi sir,
    Am Hi sir, am a here to discuss depression prob of ma friend.. He s engineer ,23 yrs, with unsatisfying job.. His prob is dat, he behaves abnormally wen he is angry.. He s very caring, affectionate normally.. But suddenly , without any reason he behaves abnormally. Tortures his girl friend emotionally. Makes her cry and scolds dat badly.. Dis continues for one to 3 days.. Dën he asks sry.I Dunno y I Did all dat.. Wen he is at home, suddenly he gets angry and throws fridge ,washing machine etc from first floor to ground.. Dën he becames normal after few days. Once I asked him y he s behaving lik dis.. his problem now is, he has finished b.e 2 yrs bak and unsatisfied job…he has no one to guide him….he says he doesn’t want to work under anyone.. None should boss him… He wants to do agriculture r business coz he has lands n agriculture already. But her girl friend is a doc n she wants him to work in gud job to make her parents agree their marriage.. Now he says, he wont work under anyone .dat is his stress as far now.. Coz of dat stress he behaves so much abnormaly.. Dën another problem is he lost his father 4 yrs bak and feels none to support him.he couldn’t get out of dat loss.. He s only son of family,sister married.. On his 12 th std, he was so much stressed dat he went in bike n wantedly made accident.. The reason for dat he says is, he was lowin studies and all scolded him he was stressed n felt to wantedly not study well n failed.started drinking,smoking. After he fell in love, he s quit smoking, drinking .2 yrs bak.. Bt smoked 3 times unable to manage stress after quitting… After quit, he felt some abnormal noise disturbance at nit unable to sleep. Dën it went off… Now he says, sometimes without his knowledge he feels abnormal ,gets extremely angry, shout at mirror, do all madly face expression n hurt his mom r g.f with words to core. After few tim to days,gets nrl n asks sry. I Dunno is dis stress coz of improper job, r somethin else… No one to support him his gf knew dis issue n she s ready to help him.. He s abroad now n couldn’t get back India now to Tak him to psycatrist..pls do d needful.

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