Depression help me to come out

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    Good Morning
    My name is pinkal patel done my B.E. Electrical 2013 i done my job for 7 months timi 2nd September 2013 to 25 April 2014 due to only nontechnical work.after 1 month i joined telecom company i depressed at that time fear is come in my life too much my mind is over-thinking and stress now so due to that reason i left that ob in 27 i am free at home and preparing for competitive exam due to competition i go to deep depression and fear now i am fear of people to meet them,not like to go for walk or any other activity,i feel that i have no desire. I tell my parents for that and say that I have no feelings,i am hopeless to doing any kind of things,have no self confidence,i am worried about always that why i should live in this world?
    i should die. but after that thing i think that i should not do that thing due to parents reputation.I am so frustrated now what to do and what to not do.
    i tell my parents that thing they tell me dont take tension if we going to phychitrist then it may gave u wrong medicine then u will lost all and socially we go back if every one knowns what i have mental illness. plz help me suggest me to comout from mobile no. is 757737223 and lives in ahmedabad-guarat.:@:huh:



    Hi pinkal can i know u r male are female then i can give u the solution it will be easier for u, and don’t think any negative things in your mind because you should know suicide is the worst thing in this world, we are already in earth for short period don’t loose it. You don’t know what things you still don’t even see in your life, so be have confident in yourself and don’t think about people they will not give you food. Be in Contact with us and me your will be here….:)



    first of all pinkal u should understand what do u want to do for that u need to understand what u r born to do. then make this thing ur aim and be completely lost in achieving in your aim. accept yourself. do not think what other think of u. and if u r afraid to do something in public then practice it alone over and over until u become perfect.and last but not the least there is a book name the power of subconcious mind buy it from flipkart read this book apply solution give in this book in ur life u’ll see change be happpy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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