depression..need help

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    Dear Doc,
    i am second year postgraduate student of dentistry. 26 yr old, single, live in my home with my parents.
    my depression is due to my relationships. recently My heart is broken by 3 important persons in my life back to back. and m totally unable to handle myself.
    1.a guy who loved me madly and wanted to marry me. i too loved him but told him that i cant marry him because parents will no agree. and we were not in relationship. recently he got engaged. even after knowing that we cant be together ever, to my surprise i was devastated, cried a lot, totally lost control. what added to the problem is he has stopped calling me and texting me just after his engagement. we have become good friends and use to chat every other day. but now he is changed all of a sudden and this is kind of unacceptable to me.

    2. another guy proposed me and wanted to marry me , i too liked that guy but not loved him..i don’t understand my feeling for him..i had something for him for sure. again i refused the proposal because my family wont allow. it was difficult to make him understand but eventually he understood. and we became friends. then recently he also got engaged.
    and again i don’t get why i don’t feel good about it.

    3. last and worst thing happened to me was my best friend recently got married and gone away to another place. she was the one to whom i share everything and i feel good with her. i have only her as my best friend and now she is not here for me. i miss her a lot. i cried for hours almost everyday. it feels like a part of me is gone away with her. to add to my depression she too don’t make calls and messages. she is very busy and probably has no time for me. so i also don’t disturb her.

    Because of all above reasons i feel verrrry sad, empty inside. mood swings, argue with my parents more often these days, life has lost its meaning for me. i have developed most of the symptoms of depression and worst is m not able to concentrate on my studies which is costing me a lot.




    iknow from the hell situation u r going from..

    first of all I want to tell u dat–
    plz accept dat no one is going to stop his or her day today life for u.
    life is like dis way..
    the show must go on..
    u shud also move on..
    be calm n strong n accept the present situation.
    live for urself.
    don’t for others.
    u r only reason for ur happiness.
    feel like u r d gr8 person to help urself.
    I hope my reply wont hurt you…
    its for ur help..
    thanks & regards.



    Thanks for replying…atleast u replied instead of doctors here.
    yeah..m trying to move on..but its not that easy..u must be knowing.
    still m trying to cope up. Thanks.



    Don’t worry you might be thinking more about this first come out from that make yourself bold try to make new good friends hang out speak out so that your sadnesss will go

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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