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    so this is my story….
    i hate my life…i feel helpless…my college sucks…my life…i wake up around 7-30 in the morning…and leave for colege at abt 8-30…most of the classes dont happen…i have no friends…today i was free for 3 hours…n all i did wag i went to gym..which i never do..then i had a match..which i skipped…i was roaming alone in the colege…just then is was standi at height of 3 floors from ground…i dont usually look down because i m scared of heights…bt when i did today..i just wanted to jump…somehow i made back to home…nobody likes me..not even my parents..i have terrible fights wid them…i hve no one….i come back from colege at around 6-7 in the evening…and then also i stay inside my room..on computer or just watching t.v or doing things on my smartphone..playing temple run on my android..did that for 3 hrs att a stretch..i dont know what should i do..i m v.v.lonely i cry all the time…wich i could end my life…



    I can understand how your feeling but u should speak out with your family members because they are the ones whom u can speak out everything because if your happy with your family other problems will be solved easily

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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