devastated and helpless

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    Dear Madam,

    Please excuse me for my English. i m 30 yr old married women working in a private logistic company. i got married 6 yrs ago. Ours was a love marriage. Actually i met him when i was going through a very bad phase of my life. He came into my life like a bright light. I was earlier married to a very abusive man with whom i had 1 yrs old daughter.I never stayed with him for more than 3-4 months. He use to torture me physically and mentally. I was working in a school and was staying with my parents when he came into my life. I told him everything about me. Gradually we fell in love and got married.Everything was ok for 1 year.His parents never accepted our relationship but i was happy coz i had blind faith on him. I was fully dedicated to him and tried my best to keep him happy. but suddenly after 2 years i started noticing changes in him. Initially he was avoiding me but i ignored but one day he started telling me he doesn’t love me anymore.He wanted me to go back to my husband. I was totally shocked. Still i can feel the pain while writing this. Some how i managed to stay with him for my daughter sake. I got pregnant but he made me to abort the child. I listened to him coz i loved him so much and doesn’t want to loose him. Slowly four years passed . Another big shock was waiting for me. One day i got divorce notice from him .I asked him why he is doing all these to me.He told that our marriage is not valid coz i was not divorced from my previous husband. I knew he was doing all these to get rid of me.Even though he was doing all these to me,i was still hopeful that he will realize his mistake one day. But after six years of staying together, i came to know that he got married three years back and she was staying with his parents. I don’t know what to do now. All my hopes are over. I m just like a dead body now with no more wish to live but i have my daughter and i have to look after her. Now after knowing is truth, he is saying that he got married under pressure. He says he still loves me and will look after me even after divorce.But i dont know what to do .I should believe him or not. I love him so much. We are still staying together . He is in Defence and will get retired after one year. he says till that time he will stay with me and after retirement he will go back to his parents.He says he will be in touch with me and keep me in the same city.I dont know what to do. I cant live without him.PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Help me. Help me.Help me



    Don’t believe him. Believe on you, continue your work and live for your daughter. Take care of her. You can stand on your own leg and survive in this world and can grow up your daughter. Don’t believe anyone. You love only yourself and your daughter.

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