dilemma ….wife or parents

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    my parents from the childhood has been fighting a lot infront me and my younger sister & brother. dad those days would come home drunk and beat her. she would also retaliate. i many times thought of running away from them.

    dad had bypass surgery 8 years back, but their fights continued as usual after that also and same continues today also. both of them are always ready to fight for some reason or the other. none of them cools down ever & are ready beat each other. me , my brother or sister has to intervene, but they are not ready to cool down and really can not be managed.

    i was married 6 years back. my wife comes from a family where her parents hardly fight and are very good with each other and had very loving grown their 4 children- 2boys & 2 girls.

    my parents had been at sometimes been harsh to my wife, when she lived with them in initial days of marriage amd when i was away on my job at some other place. they had a lot of expectations from her.

    she could never connect with them and always said to me all that happened there & said to of always going to her parents house as she could not adjust there & didn’t wanted to stay with my parents.

    i somehow gathered courage to bring her to live with me against my parents wishes.

    4 years back my daughter was born. delivery was done at wife’s parents place as she did not had confidence that my parents could take good care of her.

    today also in holidays of my daughter’s school, we go to my parents place for only 4-5 days & for rest 1.5 months my wife & daughter stays at her parents house.

    now after 1 year my father is to retire. we have a house in our village. father is asking me to buy a house in nearby city.

    i have already bought a house without telling my parents as my wife did not wanted to.

    now i am confused & in dilemma what should i do?

    should i tell my parents & give the house to live after retirement, against the wishes of my wife?

    should i do as my wife say??

    i am not able to decide what to do & feel depressive & low & sometimes guilty of the same.

    can you help me to make my decision????

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