Discrimination! What to do?

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    I am 18 and am in a relationship with a guy since the last 3 yrs. I love this guy and i sure as hell know he loves me too. His parents know bout us and are already on good terms with me. My parents got to know bout it and started opposing against it. My mother doesn’t like the guy since 1) he is my cousin’s friend, 2) he is dark in complection 3) he is not a science student like me. But they are so cool with my elder brother (21 years) and his gf. My father even saw my brother and the girl hanging out while he bunked his classes, BUT DID NOT SAY A THING! but when it comes to me, they are like ‘what will people say bout me if they find out i roam with a guy’. I study in a catholic girls school and am currently in class 12, i am doing very good in studies and my bf, who is 19 is also doing well in his studies. But why is this discrimination going on? My parents had an arranged marriage but why they are so cool with my brother having a gf? Why am i not allowed to have a bf? They are always taunting me with their words. They want me to break up with my bf.



    Hi it is normal problem with all the girls in their family. Actually it is not a problem , it is because parents should take care more responsibility of girls than boys. It is still not a better age for u take decision of ur life. So ur parents wanted to realise u about this. It is not a fault of loving someone in this age but it has some restrictions for it before certain age. Because still there is lot of things u should know first. Because all of this is not punishing u instead they are only protecting u. So what r u going to do after 12?

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