dissatifaction from marriage

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    keep smiling

    Hi prachi,
    I ws suffering from some illness.it took a year for me to recover.still littlebit pain is there.i completed my ca by studing so hard.i olwaz wanted to be independent.bt due to this illness i was scared that whether i will get good match or not.also my family was abusing me as they suspected me of having bf which i had actually.then one match came to see me.due to family abuse and illness scare i said yes to the match though they said that dey wpnt allow for job after marrisge.i said yes as i thot if i will not get good match.now its been a year i got married.my husband wants me to do job bt my inlaws doesnt.my husband s too aggressive.he every day wants item in food.yerstday i cudnt prepare good food.he started shouting at me as usual.then he read msg in my cell of my friend.which was..she was so much bothered about me as i dint get fruit of my hard work studies and slso hard work i do to prepare his food.he got offended tat i hv no right to share how he shouts at me with my friend.he then showed tat msg to my inlaws which in turn scolded me as usual.he olso said my parents tat i am fighting with him for doing job..whivh i never did.my mother scolded me and said i am spoiling there name and told me to die.i dont understand where am i wrong.i am doing sacrifice and in turn everybody is scolding me only.want to suicide

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