Do I suffer from serious depression? Do I need therapy?

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    I feel like dying, but I do not have the courage to kill myself. I’m praying that I fall prey to a deadly disease. Recently I had been poked on my finger with something sharp in a public place by a stranger. I did bleed from the wound & it took 1 week to heal. Now I’m experiencing symptoms of a potential HIV infection. I hope I’m right.
    I have loving parents & I’m their only child. I tried committing suicide once about 3 years ago. But my mom caught me at the right moment & saved me. I was about to injest cyanide. I’m pursuing my Ph.D, but nothing interests me now. My colleagues seem aloof and distant. I like to confide nothing to them. I’ve had bitter relationships too. Right now, I’m single. I hate smiling these days. I feel as though I’m dead since my ‘spirit’ has left my body.

    So, do I need therapy? I never did visit a psychotherapist till date. Is it evident, I’ll have to?



    pls visit a psychologist asap…read ‘life is what you make it’ by preeti shenoy…it’ll help….



    i have been a relationship from last 7 yr, few months before we deciced to separate as per our parents wish, she is going to marry soon and am feeling bad. drinking,smoking,not even taking proper food and bath,not much interecting with other.
    am i going to mad or something………..??
    please help me to find out what’s happening to me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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