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    Hi i am ahaana from delhi INDIA, From middle class family dont know from where to start i am not that fit girl from birth i was heavy n now i am 30kg overweight i had a relation in 10th std physical n emotional both due to family reasons i had to leave him bt after that i was in touch with him we wete physicl but to an extent i trusted him he ran away with my money i still cnt hate him feeling so helpless i dnt wana b dependent on any 1 but alwaz feels like i need sm1 i wana b hppy bt i cnt :( now i am 22 unhappy from life . I have been in relations bt i am single bcz my family is strict orthodox only arrange marriage are allowed i am not close to anyone due ro my past my parenta dont touch me my family teases me of bieng fat i am too ashame of goin outside i tried my best for mba exam but i didnt gt selected evry timei has a fight i feel too depress and wish that my 1st bf was there i cry i am too emotionl i gt attach to ppl too easily help me please



    Hi ahaana over weight is not perpanent it can go. Now u should take care of ur emotions. The reason u cheated by ur bf is u r innocent and innocent people will have bright future. Can u tell me is ur family know about this?



    Hey… Being overweight doesn’t stay permenent. You can change that. (Like me, i just started last month) Recently, I started ONLY oats for all meals of the day (you know, saffola masala oats taste good). And just STOP milk. Drink black tea, black coffee, green tea, whatever. And no matter what, dont give up on weight loss. It’s all about determination. And just walk or jog or something in evening. If your family is strict, then tell your mom that ‘let’s go buy the vegetables from market’ or something. I know, we all are lazy but you can atleast do it for a few months and see. JUST BE PATIENT AND CONSISTENT.

    You have to stop dwellin in the past. I mean, that guy is gone. You just have to accept it. I know such thing happening to somebody and I have seen how girlsgo crazy and cry. I know it’s hard, but you have to find the courage to let it go. For eg- a way for dealing with things is denial. Just pretend it never happened. I know I am talking crazy but it is a good way. It helps you forget the past and move forward. And it also washes away your guilt. Come on, nobody deserves living in guilt and depressed. You have to forget it. Give yourself a chance. Juat try it.

    And dont give up on your education. We are girls! We don’t need any guy to feed us. We should be independent enough to stand on our own if anything bad happens. Just be strong and try to do things positively.
    I know it is hard. But it’s worth a shot!

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