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    I am a girl turning 25 next month and my parents are looking for a groom for me from last 2 years. But, I do not want to get married. I don’t like any guy they make me meet with. They force me to talk nicely and regularly to their choices. But I do not want this.

    Some background:
    Past: I had been in a relationship for 6 years(2007-2012) which ended at a real bad term. That person got married within 9 months of our breakup. I had ended the relationship as he had cheated me twice in the initial 2 years. Though he seemed to be really improved but I was not able to get the confidence in him. He used to keep crying loud and begging me to get married to him but seeing the past, i always denied and thus i ended it. When I realized he was getting married to somebody, everything around me seemed to fall apart. It has been 2 years, he is gone and I am not able to generate similar feelings for anyone. Maybe that’s the reason i do not want to marry. I also, sometimes feel that I could make some compromises and could have carried along with him and married him.

    Please guide how can I think normally like any other girl of my age about marriage. I see them happy and excited about marriage and i m trying hard to run away from it.



    Hi sister u don’t have interest is because still u don’t overcome with ur past relationship. Just think when he is happy with other girl then why can’t u be happy with getting maried with other. I can understand that u need time , then ask ur parents for some time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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