Doubts, fear and worry hurting my marriage

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    I have been very happily married for over 30 years, but all of a sudden last year I started having doubts, fears, and worrying that he might be cheating.
    We had some big stresses in our life with business, remodeling, and health with caused us to feel a little disconnected for about a month, and for some reason I twisted this in my mind as he was pulling away and changing. Well I did the worst thing, I went to google and searched my husband was changing and it came up with maybe he is cheating.
    This started my into this terrible negative mind reading and story telling of all the possible times that he could be cheating.
    I have done all the detective work and I don’t have one little piece of proof and everyone that knows us says that it just is not possible.
    We have talked a lot and had big fights but he keeps saying he loves me and only me and want to support me to get through this. We are trying to spend a lot of time together and it’s great. He actually tries very hard but I can’t stop the negative thinking and I kept questioning and doubting without any real reason.
    I have lost trust and for no reason. I am destroying my marriage and need help to stop.

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