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    Aditi Kumar

    Hello Friends, A girl of 18. Class 12. I\’m suffering from exam anxiety especially during the preparatory holidays. Always been a bright student but now the fear of not able to complete my syllabus on time and scoring less marks has dropped me down to a failure. There’s no pressure on me from anyone outside except my own thoughts. Don\’t know how to prevent myself from this unnecessary fear. So i really need someone to provide help. It has been happening with me that i do wonders in first 2 exams and then undergo excessive burnout and study nothing for next exams. The boards are here and though i have prepared a good schedule to follow but i always fail in following it and so i’m scared this time also. Someone, please do suggest me the best i can do to prevent this fear.
    Thankyou πŸ™‚


    Hi aditi, its a normally comes to everyone in the time of final exam. You know that u have studied everything but the thing is u have only fear that u will going to forget everything. Don’t try to go with high percentage or with marks instead of that always try to answer every question then automatically u will get good marks. First of all u should have a strong mind that u will definitely going to pass ur exam then only u can take good marks. It is not compulsory that everyone who studies daily only will going to pass the exams but it may be their hardwork and somebody’s luck. so only an exam cannot going to show who u really are so leave that fear and have confidence on urself that u will do the exam to pass. And forget about the further things.

    ishmeet kaur

    Hi aditi ,im ishmeet 17and +2 medical ihave just finished with my pre boards and am going through same problem, but i ll suggest u to make a loose schedule to get back in pace. because we people always make harsh schedules like studying 12-13 hours a day and when we donot follow it we feel very depressed and pissed off. try making a schedule of 6
    -7 hours and include the things that u enjoy doing because without happiness one cannot focus and relax everything is going to be good just trust urself.
    good luck for ur boards πŸ™‚

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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