Eye blinking anxiety

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    i am facing eye blinking problem from past two weeks.
    Every time i think of eye blinking,my eyes starts blinking very fast.it twitches a lot.and i have to do it on my own as it doesnot twitches automatically and because of constant eye blinking or twitching i am not able to concentrate on my daily routines and activites.if i try not to blink my eyes i feel irritation and discomfort in my eyes and i blink my eyes suddenly as u know its really difficult not to blink your eyes.as this thing is creating difficulties in my work and concentration because of which i have developed anxiety towards it and i experience rapid and constant sweating in palms and legs,severe headache,rapid heart beat,tiredness etc symptoms.

    as you know eye blinking is a subconscious thing but for me it has become a conscious thing now.i am scared to think of it because of all above mentioned things i am facing.At some times i forget about it.but then i feel my subconscious blinking of eyes and my awareness goes towards it.
    Please help.[/size]
    Any advice or suggestion would be highly helpful.

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