facing problem in my marriage

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    Hello Madam,

    I am Mamtha, Married and have 3yrs old child …. myself and my husband have completed 4 yrs of our marriage anniversary. I belong to very orthodox family where we wont discuss family issue in forum but i have made all effort to take my issue to counselor and totally failed…. Now again am trying to put my effort …. so tht i can solve my issues mam …. Mam my husband and me did arranged marriage and leave in a joint family with my in laws & brother in law & co sister . Here my problem is my husband & his way understanding things… like his priority is his work , he works in marketing division he need to travel alot like weeks together & in other days his routine will be like morning by 6am he leaves & back by 8pm … later he open his laptop and start working … when question he tells about work load mam …. he hardly give any time personally interaction will be like all others and me …Any responsibility towards baby will be handled by me & rest he will over rely on in laws … constantly am tell him about his behavior but he tell he better to all others mam … Neither he is show any interest on me nor baby … because of his behavior am totally stressed out mam …
    he make me feel lonely in home am… pls help me mam

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