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    my family is undergoing financial problems.
    I live in a joint family with my maternal grandparents.
    My maternal aunt does not want to live with us but my grandparents do not want. this because of their grandson. So my mother lives with us. She has to go to dad who lives elsewhere because of job problems. Aunt is also going. My grandmother is too old still she is ready to do all household chores for us . i have seen my grandparents cry for their granson.[/align]
    My uncle has refused to give money to my grandparents. They are helpless. I have lived with them since childhood and emotionally very attached. There are so many problems and i have my board exams next year.I will go away with mom and dad after that. My grandparents will be alone.
    Every day my aunt starts a new drama to irritate us. Everybody bears her very patientlg. I cannot co.centrate on studies.[/align][align=center]
    I cant share this with anyone.feel lik[align=right]e crying always.



    Hi shruti don’t get depressed, when you finish your studies then your grand parents will be more happy with your progress. As your grand parents get older they have nothing to loose in their life they need only love and care from all of you, so whenever you are in the house be show love and carw to them and make him that they should not loose their faith, as they are not alone. As you comes to your study, don’t get tense because problems are so common in humans life their are no man in this earth without any problem so be have confident on yourself that you can solve all your problems :)and be in touch with us if you have any doubt contact us…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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