Family planned to commit suicide

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    Dear All,

    I take this opportunity to thank you so much for conducting this type sessions/Forum in a great way. It’s helping a lot of people and solving out multiple problems. Having said that I guess you might help me and find a solution for my problem as well which I can not share with any one else being a 27 year old woman.

    I come from a family of five with a single bread winner who is none other than my father. My mother is a chronic schizophrenic patient who stays at home and takes irregular medications. My younger brother and sister are studying for name sake in government college. I was working as a floor attendant in a shop for a month and now I’m at home.

    It is the entire family which is facing a problem as there is no peace in and around us. Recently my younger sister (23) behaves like a mentally ill person and on further discussion with a doctor it was concluded as nothing but depression due to our other family issues. But we are in a fear that it might be schizophrenia were my mother is already diagnosed with the same. As we are residing in a compounded residential area people has spread this badly and has stopped socializing with us. As I’m in the late stages of getting married no one is ready to come forward to tie up with our family with the schizophrenic news which has spread. In turn this has given me an in-secured state of mind and rest of my family members also. Our family is completely isolated from the society and they treat us like shit. How we are supposed to live our life further?

    Please provide me a solution.

    Thank you !


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    Schizophrenia has got control. My father has the same but he got control with the help of psychiatrist Dr. Mainak Mukherjee.
    Look you are in India that is still a country where people make a collective decision where people make unanimous decision that which family is good and which is bad. So if you are not happy with the society then first off all cure every suffering member and move to some othr place. At least you can live in peace. But ya take special care of your mom and sis with zeal. Never let your self down. As big the trouble, grow as strong to counter the same.
    Remember god knows your strength thats why he gives you trouble accordingly. This is just a period or a testing time of god. Take it strongly and face it. Be a hero for your family. Thats what my mother did for my father.( as i was only 5 yr old during my fathr’s diagonosis).

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